Smart Phone Apps That Can Revolutionize Your Business

A recent survey has revealed that small businesses that developed their own apps made a big difference compared to those that didn’t. Yes, even small business needs an app to win over its competitors. Of course, it is not a new thing for businesses to have their own apps as a way of boosting their marketing or sales efforts. However, many small business managers are still not aware of the benefits of having a mobile app, for instance, to drive their success.

The survey further translates that small business owners opt to acquire a mobile or smartphone app for their company. The top 3 reasons have been found that owners want to improve customer services, to boost their sales, and to overcome other businesses.

Are you still not convinced that a smart phone app can revolutionize a business? Well, perhaps you need to check the following reasons that business owners aim to achieve with the help smart phone apps.

Improve the Level of Customer Service

Seventy-six percent of the companies surveyed stated that they want to improve the quality of their customer service. For this reason, there are smart phone apps that can be used to connect with on-the-go customers as well as improve the line of communication between the business and its customers.

Additionally, one satisfied spa business owner also stated that with an app that could be used by customers to book appointments through a cellular phone. Most of the clients are on-the-go and not on their computers but still they are able to engage and have their appointments booked in no time.

Increase Potential Sales of Business

Following the first reason is the aim of companies of getting more sales. For instance, a business can do this by offering incentives to new customers if they download their app. Your business can do this too if are willing to revolutionize the way you do business.

On the other hand, you can also do this if you are able to put your business on top of the minds of your customers and to make it more accessible. Smart phone apps can do this just like the successful coffee delivery truck business. This can be done by allowing push notifications so that potential customers will know the current location of the delivery truck and increase possibility of sales.

Running with the Big Players

The final reason why businesses engage in smart phone apps is to beat the competition in the market. Small businesses can do this because they are able to compete with larger competitors with the help of mobile phone apps. For example, one sportswear retailer was able to attract new users with the introduction of contests and raffles. This can be done when they are able to download from 150-200 new apps.

According to the successful retailer, they are able to make their business more accessible to their customers in real time which gives them an edge over their bigger competitors. Moreover, smart phone apps allow more visibility in particular markets compared to those who didn’t engage in this concept.


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