The Process

We acquire businesses or take majority stakes to help growth. We invest up to £1m but make ongoing funding available to proven businesses

We look for the Right Opportunity

We look for established, profitable businesses with a clear market opportunity to exploit. Those with a niche place in their market and an obvious customer value proposition are of the greatest interest. Your business could be a development or accelerator project that needs funds and support to take advantage of a specific opportunity; or a business looking to be purchased in a management buy-out, a retirement sale or something similar. Please note however, we’re unable to support start-up, pre-revenue or distressed businesses.

We get to know your business

We think all business is personal, which is why we like to meet you face to face. So once we’ve looked at your historic and projected financials as part of our initial review, if we feel we might make a good fit, we generally prefer to visit your business to discuss your plans in person. We always give frank and constructive feedback after every interaction, and we welcome your thoughts and ideas, too. After all, if things move forward, we want the partnership to be as open and honest as possible.   Finally, we sit down to discuss a deal with you. And because we’re owned by our partners, this process is quick and straightforward, with no hold-ups or complex investment committees. If we progress towards an investment, we’ll also invite you to meet or talk to any of the businesses we currently work with

We make a plan together

We’re joining forces with you to turn something good into something great. It’s a big responsibility, and an exciting milestone. So as well as spending quality time agreeing a business plan together, we make sure we all get to know one another too, so that everyone’s comfortable with our working relationship. For this partnership to work, we think it’s vital that we’re all aligned and in agreement on both the plan and the end vision for the business, and of course any possible exit. And because we start as we mean to go on, we don’t take a remote, non-executive role once the plan is in place. Where we’re needed, we get involved, every step of the way. Our support is there, as and when you want it.

We invest

We normally invest between £200,000 and £500,000 as development capital, and we will invest up to £1,000,000 to support management buy-outs, retirement sales or similar outright acquisitions. Unlike many traditional private equity funds, because we only invest our own money, we’re not tied to an exit timetable. This enables us to take a much more flexible approach.

We bridge the gap

We don’t just invest money. We invest time and expertise, too. So whilst a solid, experienced and driven management team in your business is key, if there are skill gaps, we can help fill them. We’ll work with you to attract the right individuals to join the team, and in the meantime our own specialists can support the business. This is really what sets us apart from other investors. From providing legal advice and reviewing contracts, to negotiating with suppliers and taking a fresh look at marketing strategy, we can give you the support you need, when you need it. The idea is that by bridging the gap this way, your business won’t stutter – it will grow from day one.

We make it a success

The rest is the future. A successful partnership and a prosperous business. And because successful businesses constantly evolve and grow, we’ll adapt accordingly, and continue to provide the support required. It’s what our values are all about.
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