How Will Google Change Our World in The Next Decade?

How Will Google Change Our World in The Next Decade?

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For a company that was started in a garage in 1998, Google has grown into one of the most used and most well-known technology giants in the world. Google affects many aspects of our lives from how we search the internet, to our mobile phone use and how we run our businesses. We have seen what Google has to offer and we have embraced it, but how will Google change the world over the next decade? What will Google bring us next?

Let’s take a look at some of Google’s newest projects that are being created right now.

Google Glass

While Google’s head-mounted optical display does have some really cool features the cost of the current model puts it out of reach for many people. That hasn’t stopped many businesses and governments to use Google Glass in many innovative ways. Recently, Nepal has used Google Glass to track its wild animals, and the poachers that threaten the country’s endangered flora and fauna. Google has promised many improvements to the Google Glass platform making it easier and more affordable in the next decade.

Self-Driving Car

Google’s self-driving car is set to revolutionize the way we get from Point A to Point B. Using intelligent software, Google Chauffeur, could be used by the world’s top automakers to make smarter cars that can drive and park themselves.

Smart Contact Lens

Google is set to release a smart contact lens that includes a mini glucose sensor and wireless chip that helps diabetics measure the sugar levels in their tears. This is only the beginning for this technology as there are many more advances in the smart contact lens design that could include sharper vision over increased distances.

Google Loon

There are still many areas of the world that don’t have internet access and Google wants to change that. Using Wi-Fi enabled hot air balloons, Google wants to create a 4G network floating high in the skies. Google is currently working on longer flight times and more dependable Wi-Fi signals.

Machine Vision

Google is working on giving computers corresponding perception capabilities enabling them to reason, think and do things better than we can. A computer can now listen to music and build a description of their perception. This means that it can also annotate images and video and describe visual objects to its users.

The Artificial Neural Network

Google’s artificial neural network is working to create a computer that can simulate what happens inside the human brain more efficiently than we can. This is similar to the Machine Vision project, but it taps into the workings of the human brain. This technology is already in use in Google Street View and could be used in more applications soon.

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10 Things That Will Impact Small Businesses When We Exit The EU

10 Things That Will Impact Small Businesses When We Exit The EU

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Despite what many people thought, Brexit happened and the UK may or may not be better for it. Both sides have strong arguments as to why their opinions are right and while the arguments and debates about Brexit will still be heard throughout the UK, it is business as usual for many small businesses throughout the country. Or is it?

Brexit has brought with it a great deal of uncertainty for small business owners and it has many of them wondering if their businesses will remain successful. Leaving the EU will impact many of the UK’s small businesses and we have created our own list of the “10 Things That Will Impact Small Businesses When We Exit The EU”

Economic Uncertainty

While the UK economy is currently very healthy, Brexit might change that. Many large companies have threatened to leave the UK, when Brexit happens and this could have an effect on the local and overall economies.


While many business owners think that trade with the EU will stop, it won’t. It will just be different and small businesses will continue to be affected by EU law and regulations. Trade with the EU won’t dry up, changes will be made and small business owners will adapt to these changes.


With countries deciding to make life difficult for the UK, small businesses can respond by becoming more competitive. This will ensure that the UK will remain an attractive place to do business regardless what effect Brexit will or won’t have.

Unsteady Financial Markets

The financial markets will be affected by Brexit and this could make borrowing more difficult for small business owners. Investors like to be sure that their investments will pay off and they could be hesitant about lending to UK businesses.

Immigration and Work Permits

Many small businesses in the UK rely on foreign workers, many of whom come from the EU. Brexit will cause new legislation to be introduced enabling these workers to remain in the UK. Without employees, many UK businesses might close.

Distribution Woes

If your small business does any European distribution, you may have to separate that distribution from your UK and US distribution. That means higher shipping costs, lower margins and increased workload.

New Laws, Rules and Regulations

With Brexit, there will be hundreds of laws, rules and agreements governing everything from trade and immigration to agricultural subsidies rewritten. This will affect many small business contractual agreements creating more work for UK business owners.


Many UK small businesses will need to increase their marketing activity and become more creative. Identify your strengths and communicate them to your customers.


There will be a pressure to push prices down. If your business sees this downward price pressure, know what your costs are and set a minimum price for your services or products. Watch your mark ups or margins to be sure they do not fall too low.

Cost Cutting

Keeping your overhead down is good for your business and cost cutting is something that every small business owner faces. Be sure that you don’t cut costs so low that your business or your customers suffer.

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