What makes an entrepreneur successful?

What makes an entrepreneur successful?


Successful entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes – whilst some people are born with entrepreneurial traits others learn them as they go through life. Here we’ve shared some of the common characteristics and traits that we believe make up a successful entrepreneur.


Are you destined to be the next great entrepreneur? Check out the common entrepreneurial traits and characteristics below and see if you’ve got them!

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They have the ability to spot gaps and fill them

The best ideas are the ones that fill a gap in the market. A good entrepreneur will be able to identify gaps in the market and needs that aren’t being met and come up with a solution. Whilst anyone can think of an idea, not everyone can come up with an idea that has potential. In order for an idea to be successful, whether it is a product or a service, it’s got to be something people need or want.


They believe in themselves and their ideas

Self-confidence is a trait that every successful entrepreneur must possess. In the world of business you have to push boundaries and take risks but to be capable of doing this you need to fully believe in yourself, your team and your idea.


They act on their dreams

One of the key differences between your average business owner and a successful entrepreneur is that the latter will always see their ideas through to the end. There’s nothing wrong with being a dreamer but unless you see your ideas through to the end, you’ll never be able to make anything of them.


They create their own path in life

Successful entrepreneurs tend to be those who have created their own path in life, rather than just followed the crowd. They aren’t afraid to challenge what’s considered to be the norm and they won’t just do something because others think they should do it. Instead they choose the path that’s right for them and challenge other’s perceptions of ‘the right way’ to do something by finding a better and faster way of doing it.


Entrepreneurs are not only good at making money but knowing how to avoid losing it too.

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They’ve got money on the mind

One of the key differences between an inventor and an entrepreneur is that an entrepreneur will always have money on their mind. In order to stand a chance of making your idea a success, you need to be savvy with your finances. A good entrepreneur will know when to call it quits in order to avoid losing money but an inventor is likely to be so passionate about their product that they will suffer financial hardship in order to get it out there.


They love their work

Whilst a successful entrepreneur will be mindful of their money, they will also be extremely passionate about their work. If you are going to spend your life building a brand, it’s got to be something you enjoy doing or it really isn’t worth it – no matter how much money you make. The entrepreneurs that go on to be the most successful are the people who really believe in and love their products – the late great Steve Jobs is a prime example.


They keep their eye on the ball

Successful entrepreneurs never take their eye off the ball, not even for a second. They understand that markets are constantly changing (sometimes they are even the driving force for it) and know that if they want to get a step ahead of the game they need to keep an eye on what their competitors are doing too.


A good entrepreneur will also take the time to get to know and understand their customers. If their needs change, they will adapt their products or services to address them in order to prevent them taking their business elsewhere.



These are just some of the traits and characteristics entrepreneurs have in common. What’s great is that these traits aren’t something that you’ve either got or you haven’t, meaning anyone could technically become a successful entrepreneur if they take the time to learn them.


Of course you also need to have a good idea and be willing to work as hard as you need to, in order to make it a success. Successful people attract more success, so providing you continue to work hard, there’s no reason why you can’t be the next Richard Branson, Steve Jobs or whoever you aspire to be like.


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