Welcome to Stone Ventures - providing funding and growth support for UK SMEs.

We are a private business investor, but we offer much more than just a cash injection. We're interested on a practical level in helping businesses prosper. So we've developed our own unique style of 'hands on' investing. Because of the tangible input we have, the businesses we work with don't think of us as merely an investor, remote and silent. They think of us as a business partner.

Who are we?

We call ourselves partners because we see our investment as the start of a relationship. We don't just invest money. We invest time and expertise, too..

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What exactly do we do?

We support our investee businesses. We don't manage the companies nor do we get more involved than we are invited to do so.

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What do we look for?

We can tell you what "floats our boat",we invest into businesses and we support 'buy outs or buys ins' and straight forward acquisitions.

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Our Process

We look for established, profitable businesses with a clear market opportunity to exploit. Those with a niche place in their market.

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